During the Intro session you will work first hand with me, where we will discuss your goals and set out a plan for you, to show you the correct and fastest way to get back in shape, lose the extra layer of fat and build a lean and toned body.


During your Intro Session.....You Will Get.....

1 X SEMI PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION - I will take you through one of my semi-private pt sessions, and explain how the semi-private at RRT works. With only 6 people in each session, you can be sure you will get the attention you need. I will be at each session to coach you step-by-step through one of our goal-specific training programs.

YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SET UP YOUR DIET AND NUTRITION - No more cutting out foods or eating such little food you are starving all day, or no more wondering if this food or that food is ok to eat...... With my flexible nutrition guide, you can even include some junk food and alcohol and still get results.

YOU WILL BE ASSESSED AT EVERY STAGE (Weight, Inches, body fat %*, pictures)- If you're not assessing your guessing, monitoring your results will allow us to see exactly where you're at right now and set weekly goals and targets for the future, to ensure you hit your results at every stage.

I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO BUILD BETTER HABITS - Yes Training and nutrition are important for results, but unless you build and replace your old habits with new, winning habits, your change will only be short term. After all my goal is to give you all the information you need to get life-changing results but also learn how to keep them

YOU WILL GET HELP AND SUPPORT OUTSIDE OF YOUR GYM SESSIONS - with the RRT members HUB. You will learn how to build a plan that is suitable for you and your goals, how to make nutrition easy and sustainable but still produce amazing results…. How what you do outside of the gym is as important as your training sessions….. no more blindly following the latest training plan or diet as I will lay out step by step what you need to do to achieve your goals

YOU WILL TRAIN ALONG LIKE MINDSET LADS AND DADS - At RRT I pride myself on being different from your everyday gym. There are no mirrors, no standing around taking photos, no waiting for equipment, no ego's or wannabe bodybuilders. You will train with like-minded people all training together, pushing for the same results all supported by a knowledgeable and approachable coach.



You are 2 steps away from booking your first session.....

step 1

Fill in the form below making sure to answer all the questions as best as you can, this will allow me to make the intro session as results-driven as possible

step 2

Once you fill in the form, just below you can pick your day and time to attend your intro session. Simply select the day and time that suits you to attend.

You will receive an email and text message the day before, to ensure you are still attending. I will text you beforehand on 086-8451780 to confirm all ok for you still to attend.


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