I will tell you from the start...... we are different.....

Our private personal training gym is designed around getting you results. It’s about helping you overcome the frustrations you are going through with your weight loss or body transformation goals.

We are not a €20 per month gym where you sign up and then your forgotten about....... we are also not a pay as you go class or weight loss club where despite putting in hours of exercise and your best efforts following a diet plan… simply don't get the results you want...!!!

At Real Results, we specialise in Semi-Private Group Personal Training. We have taken the individual personalization of 1 on 1 personal training and applied it to the group personal training format.

Not only will you get seriously impressive results, but receive hands-on coaching, personalised nutrition advice and train alongside other like-minded people, with the support of knowledgeable and approachable coaches.

Semi Private Personal Training
€32 Per Week
2 Training Sessions / Week
Full Timetable Access
Full Nutritional Support
Full Accountability
Access to the RRT Membership Site
Outside of your session support and home workouts
12 Week Program
HIIT Training
€10 Per Week
2 Training Sessions / Week
Early Morning Session
30 Min sessions
Basic Nutritional Support
Outside Help and Support
4 Week Commitment